Hello, beautiful soul!

HMUA: Jane Barnachea (Janeified)

I’m Yanna Valerie N. Paz, born and raised in La Union. I’m an Ilocano, but I admit I’m not a fluent speaker of our native language (i’m slowly learning).  I love all things beauty – makeup, skincare, hairstyles, deals and dupes, and tips and tricks. I have a combination skin type and I’m more of a neutral-and-smokey-eyeshadow person.

Amazing how makeup could easily boost one’s confidence but makeup is never a necessity. Don’t put makeup just because you want to compare yourself to anybody, or because you want to satisfy your self-doubt, jealousy or whatever it may be. True beauty doesn’t work that way; it doesn’t involve putting others down just so you could stand out. You may have heard that “true beauty comes from within” a hundred times but that’s the reality. Be kind always. Smile and share positivity. Focus on the brighter side. Understand with emphaty. Love without limit.

We are beautiful as we are.


I’m an office lady five times a week but duty calls even during weekends. That’s why I don’t have a definite grasp of my schedule. I’m a graduate of BS Management Economics from the University of the Philippines; however, I found myself stagnant and thirsty for more so I am currently pursuing Masters in ASEAN Studies in the University of the Philippines Open University. Basically I’m a corporate slave, a distant e-learner, and a blogger. I still find myself bored sometimes. I hate routines; the same environment couldn’t keep me still that’s why the sea and travelling has always been my comfort zone. There’s something about water and air that feeds my soul and keeps me calm. I love adventure, the unspoken, the unique and the never-have-I-evers.

I usually spend my free time at home binge-watching Korean dramas or makeup tutorials. If not, you’ll find me in comfy shorts chilling by the seashore. I love swimsuits as much as i love makeup. I prefer flowers over chocolates. I say no to raisins and hotdogs in spaghetti. I say yes to LGBT and equal rights, feminism and just treatment and opportunities.


I’m a happy person but almost everything makes me anxious (I guess I’m just a good pretender LOL). I love writing and sharing my thoughts, but what made me delay making this blog was because I wasn’t confident about myself. The degree of ease for me to engage in conversation is the same as to how difficult it is for me to trust people. I’m emotional; even horror films make me cry. I’m impulsive and irrational at times. I may be a mess but the beautiful kind. I have faith in the Unseen and I love endlessly.

Much love and thanks to my boyfriend for pushing me to make this happen, for trusting in me even though I don’t and for making me feel all kinds of beautiful there is in this world.


I’ll try my best to share nothing but love and happiness to you, my reader. 

Thank you for visiting. You made my heart full.

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