GRWM Velvet Setting Powder
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It’s a Snatched Base with the GRWM Velvet Setting Powder

GRWM Cosmetics definitely shook the Philippines’ beauty industry with its latest release, the Velvet Setting Powder. I was so excited to purchase this product because I really love products that give a velvet look. I previously reviewed the GRWM Milk Tint, and I loved it. Hence, I have my hopes high with this one too, specially that all of the reviews I’ve seen mentioned praises and lots of love.

GRWM Velvet Setting Powder

This product claims to be a long-wearing setting powder. Also, it has a velvety texture and it gives the skin a blurring effect due to its oil controlling ingredients listed below. Its coverage is buildable from light to medium. Moreover, it can be used as is if preferred. Lastly, it mentions in its packaging that it’s good for normal, dry, oily and combination skin types.

Key Ingredients:

1. Squalane

According to Allure, Squalane can lock in moisture while promoting elasticity. Also, it balances the oil production without clogging the pores. This amazing ingredient is beneficial to all skin types.

2. Kaolin

Dubbed as a game changer for oily skin by Byrdie, Kaolin targets excess oil, blackheads, and shine. This results to a matte-looking skin that’s also softer and smoother.

3. Calamine

Wishtrend mentioned that Calamine is a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide. It could treat rashes and itchiness. Hence, it’s a perfect medication for acne-prone and sensitive skin. This is due to its cooling and soothing abilities.

Honestly, when I learned that it has Calamine, I got even more excited. My skin is currently acne-prone and sensitive and I think this product will be like magic. Read more to know how this product performed on my skin!

Makeup Breakdown: GRWM Velvet Setting Powder


This powder comes in a cylindrical white plastic compact packaging which feels very lightweight. It looks lux when seen, but actually feels less when touched. Nonetheless, I think that the brand prioritized the formula because of its amazing claims.

A velvet applicator is seen in a tear-drop shape once the product is opened. You can flip it again to see the mirror and actual product. Actually, I think that the mirror has a decent size enough to see the whole face.

Additionally, details like its manufacturing and expiration dates and PAO, which is 24 months, can be seen at the bottom part. I like that there’s a part where the owner could put what date this product was opened to know when this product would last. However, it’s difficult to write on it because the sticker material where the details are printed is a bit “slippery”. I think a permanent marker would work, but I don’t know how that will be since the size of the area to write on is so small.

Additionally, this should not be stored under direct sunlight. Moreover, the packaging states that the GRWM Velvet Setting Powder is free from animal testing and is vegan. Lastly, this is made in China and weighs 10 grams.


As of writing, the GRWM Velvet Setting Powder has a total of 8 shades that cover those with cool, warm and neutral undertones. I got the shade Nutmeg because I have a neutral undertone and my complexion is currently medium-fair. Also, since I have had not-so-fun experience before with shopping online due to unmatched shades, I now put more effort to ensuring this one matches. I searched for a lot of swatches and browsed through a lot of Youtube reviews.

GRWM Velvet Setting Powder

If I am to compare the powder I have on hand from the photo below, I’d say that the shade Nutmeg looks cooler in real life than in the photo.

Photo Courtesy of GRWM Cosmetics


This powder smells like straight up powder. There’s nothing special about it. I find it neither fragrant nor not so this won’t be a problem for those with sensitive smell.


The GRWM Cosmetics Velvet Setting Powder retails for Php 549.00. I bought mine at Shopee, but this is also available at Lazada and through GRWM’s Tiktok Shop. I think that it is priced fairly because of its amazing ingredients. Hopefully, it lives up to its claims.


The Velvet Setting Powder should be applied as follows according to GRWM Cosmetics:

1. Upon opening, skim off the topmost layer by gently rubbing your finger in a circular motion on the pan.

2. Dip your makeup brush or sponge lightly on the pan to allow it to pick up the product.

3. Dust off the excess product and apply evenly onto the skin.


Watch how this product performed with my 16-hour wear test below:

Verdict: I recommend the GRWM Velvet Setting Powder!


  • Long-wearing Setting Powder

I agree! It lasted on my face until the 9th hour mark. I think that’s a pretty good length of time already. However, if you plan to use this on its own, just be mindful that it won’t last that long.

  • Velvet Texture

Definitely, my face was matte but not flat. My skin looked so good. It appeared as if I put a real-life filter on!

  • Skin Blurring Effect

My skin looked blurry until the 6th-hour wear. That one’s a remarkable performance.

  • Controls Oil

My skin appeared dewy starting at the 3rd hour mark. It looked beautiful and skin-like until the 6th-hour mark. However, a retouch is needed already at the 9th hour mark. If you have an oily skin type, you might find the need already to touch up at the 6th hour mark

  • Light to Medium Buildable Coverage

I feel 50-50 with regards to this one. I don’t see that the product can do this on its own. But, it helps build the coverage if you already have an additional base product

Thanks again for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, feel free to share it! Also, here are other blog posts you might like:

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